Hand Rolled Incense Sticks


IncenseWorks.EARTH ~ ~ ~ creating a symphony of amazing fragrances that linger long after the last wisp of smoke. Thick, hand rolled incense sticks made from scratch and delivered fresh.

Each stick burns about almost one hour minute.

9 1/2 inches tall, using bamboo sticks.

2 sticks incense sticks for $1.00

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9 1/2 inch bamboo sticks. Each stick burns almost an hour.

1 – EUCAL-LILY includes eucalyptus and lily essential oils. Stimulating and floral, this blend is sweet and energizing.

2 – HOT CHAMPA includes menthol crystals rolled in pure champa powder. One of the more potent fragrances. Excellent for respiration, as well as for stimulating third eye activity.

3 – LEMON-OUD includes lemongrass essential oil rolled in pure Oud wood powder. This is a very fragrant incense blend, strong but not too strong. A sweet woody fragrance with a hint of citrus. A unique experience…

4 – MEDITATION includes amber essential oil rolled in pure frankincense resin. Each stick burns about an hour and a half. This is a very potent incense blend. A deeply spicy sweet aroma which puts out a lot of smoke ~ like floating in the clouds. Elevate yourself…

5 – PALO SANTO ROSE includes rose essential oil rolled in palo santo (holy wood). Pleasantly intriguing aroma – a rosy high note singing with the enchanting woody resinal base note of palo santo. Warms the heart, clears the air…

6 – STRESS RELIEF includes honeysuckle essential oil rolled in pure Tulasi (Holy Basil) powder. Gentle earthy aroma combined with a light sweetness. Medicinal blend.

7 – CONTENTMENT includes lilac essential oil rolled in rosemary powder. Floral and herbal aromas gently roll into the air. Be at ease…

8 – BRAIN FOG and SPACE CLEARING includes patchouli essential oil rolled in sage powder. Subtle sweet herbal aroma. Clear the air inside and outside your body.

9 – PROTECTION includes frangipani essential oil rolled in pure myrrh resin. Pungent aroma with a touch of sweetness. A gentle, down to earth guardian…

10 – ABUNDANCE/FREEDOM includes Lotus Attar oil rolled in rosewood powder. Strong floral with woody undertone. Just let go…

11 – SACRED SPACE includes Vertivert essential oil rolled in a special Vedic powder blend. Unusual combination for consecration and all things sacred to you.

12 – CELEBRATION/MIRTH includes Rose Geranium essential oil rolled in powdered lavender. High energy vibration with soothing undercurrent. Just add a smile or two… (also good as an insect repellant).

Please allow at least 7 days before ready to ship. $4 flat rate shipping on domestic orders. Orders outside the US $40 flat rate.

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