Handcrafted incense using
sustainable ingredients from
mother earth ~ woods, resins,
flowers, herbs, attar & essential oils.

Soulfully made, one at a time -
no combustable black charcoal,
no artificial coloring.

Love, Peace, & IncenseWorks.EARTH

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Fine Aromatic Incense

create your environment

Ecologically Sound

natural based ingredients

creations by Nahziryah Monastic EcoVillage ~ immersed in worlds of fragrances for 50 years

Our Story

Listen… fragrances have stories to relate. Breathe in deeply and listen as they tell who they are,  of their gifts, who they blend well with. Sense into their hopes and aspiration, especially as they relate to your beingness. Aromas assist through vibrations, frequencies – each singing their unique song.

In this way, IncenseWorks.EARTH makes symphonies of health and healing, of emotional relief and exaltations, of alertness and the quieting of mind.

The focus is on making incense in the more traditional way  –  no combustable black charcoal, no artificial coloring. And, they are soulfully made by hand – not pushed out by automation into machine perfection. Made one at a time, this process allows the energies in the aromas to fuse into harmonies of nature.

Nahziryah Monastic EcoVillage

IncenseWorks.EARTH is the newest cottage industry of Nahziryah Monastic EcoVillage under the guidance and direction of our founder, director and spiritual head  – Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD).

Since the early 70’s, Nahziryah Monastic EcoVillage (affectionately called “The Purple People” by many – due to the color of our Monastic garments) has been offering the finest quality essence and essential oils, incense,  meditation supplies  gathered the world over and art crafts made here at the Purple EcoVillage.

Along side this web presence, the EcoVillage offers ~ The Purple People PlacePurple EcoVillage, and Orgone Essentials.  We are here in Service… May Peace Manifest on Earth.